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Diabetes Care Centers


Free Diabetes Classes

Learn important basic information about Diabetes. Class information includes Facts about Diabetes, Healthy Eating, Safe Exercise and Community Resources and Support.

Self-Management Skills Program

  1. General Facts, Blood Glucose Monitoring
  2. Individual Meal Planning
  3. Medications, Exercise, High & Low Blood Sugar
  4. Community Resources, Complications and Risk Screening

There are individual follow-up sessions and a meal review.

You must have:

  • A doctor's order
  • Insurance authorization
  • Copy of your latest blood tests
  • Copy of your latest Hemoglobin A1C Test
  • Your doctor's office staff can send these directly to the Diabetes Care Center.

Self-Management classes are 2-3 hours for each of the four sessions.

Follow-up sessions last about 30 minutes.

Come 30 minutes before your first appointment for registration at outpatient admitting.

What You Need to Bring:

  • Glucose monitor (Ask your doctor or health plan if one can be ordered for you.)
  • A log book or glucose diary
  • Snacks if you need them (Eat your usual meals or snacks before you come.)
  • List of current medications

Gestational Diabetes Program

A series of self-management sessions for women at any stage of pregnancy with focus on meal planning and blood glucose control. Follow-up sessions are provided until delivery.

How the program works

Your doctor's office will register you with one of the Diabetes Center programs. Someone from our office will call you to confirm your appointment.