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Accredited Chest Pain Centers

Carondelet St. Joseph’s Hospital and Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital are the first hospitals in Southern Arizona with Accredited Chest Pain Centers.

Accredited Chest Pain CenterYou can depend on our Accredited Chest Pain Centers

Accreditation is granted by the Society of Chest Pain Centers an international nonprofit that works to improve care for patients with acute coronary syndromes and acute heart failure. To qualify, hospitals must meet or exceed stringent standards for the rapid diagnosis and treatment of heart attacks.

What does this mean to you?

If you or a loved one is experiencing the symptoms of a possible heart attack, you will receive efficient and effective care at any of our three Tucson hospitals. Whether you are on the Eastside, Westside or near Midtown, we have you covered.

When minutes count, a fast, organized response offers the best chance for a good outcome

From the time you enter the emergency center, we work to ensure you are quickly seen by a physician. Rapid assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of potential heart attacks saves lives and prevents damage to heart muscle.

Across the hospital, physicians, clinicians, and associates will work together to give you the right care. We also will carefully monitor your condition – ensuring that you are not sent home too early or required to stay longer than necessary.

According to a national study led by an Emory University researcher, Accredited Chest Pain Centers perform better on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ core measures for heart attack care than non-accredited hospitals.1

Carondelet’s Accredited Chest Pain Centers

Another way we’re transforming healthcare, one heartbeat at a time.

1 Science Daily, July 9, 2008