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Your Stay

Your Physician

Carondelet facilities provide independent licensed physicians to manage your care throughout your hospitalization.  A Hospitalist may be the physician who manages your hospital stay from admission through discharge, overseeing and coordinating your care and answering any questions you or your family may have. A Hospitalist is a qualified, licensed physician whose practice is based full-time in the hospital. Your primary care physician will take care of you after discharge. It is recommended that you make an appointment with him/her for a follow-up visit as instructed.


Calling Your Nurse

To call your nurse when you need assistance, press the call button located at your bedside. This turns on a light at the nurses’ station. A staff member will respond to your signal as soon as possible.


Personal Items

You may want to consider bringing a few personal items with you to make your hospital stay more comfortable: toothbrush/toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, shaving products, lotion, slippers and pajamas (hospital gowns are provided). Many of these items are available in the hospital’s Auxiliary Gift Shop.

Patient Valuables

All jewelry, money (other than small change) and any other items of value should be left at home or sent home. The hospital does maintain a safe for the safekeeping of money and valuables if no other arrangements can be made.

The hospital will not be responsible for the loss or damage to any personal property retained in your possession or in a vehicle during your hospital stay, including but not limited to money, jewelry, glasses, hearing aids, dentures, cell phones, electronic devices and clothing. You are responsible for your belongings during your hospital stay.

When not in use, eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aids and contact lenses should be placed in labeled protective containers. Please ask a member of the nursing staff for a protective container if you do not have one. Be careful not to place personal items in bed linens, on food trays or wrap them in tissue because they easily could be thrown away.

Nutritional Services

Based on your medical needs, your physician will order a diet that is right for you. You will receive three balanced meals per day on this prescribed diet, which will provide specific amounts of calories, protein, vitamins and other nutrients to meet your health needs. You will be visited each day by a catering associate, who will offer you our chef’s specials for the day and take your food and beverage requests. If the chef’s specials are not appealing to you, there are additional selections you may order.

Your catering associate will provide you with a menu for the week that outlines the menu options and additional selections.

Your catering associate will also prepare and deliver each of your meal trays. Basic information on your prescribed diet, as well as a phone number where you can reach your catering associate, will also be provided on your first meal tray. If you would like more information about your diet, please notify your nurse and a registered dietitian or diet technician will be consulted.

Mail and Flowers

Mail and flowers addressed to a patient will be delivered to the patient’s room. Flowers and plants are not allowed in the ICU. ICU patients may receive flowers when they are transferred to a general nursing unit. Mail received after discharge will be forwarded to the patient’s home.

Telephone Dialing Instructions

A telephone is provided in your room. To place a local call, dial “9” to access an outside line, then dial the number as you would normally. Local calls may be placed at no charge.


To help ensure that you rest, we are requesting that no incoming calls be directly dialed into the room before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. The switchboard operator gives patient room number information through the main switchboard number: 

Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital:              (520) 872-3000
Carondelet St. Joseph’s Hospital:         (520) 873-3000
Carondelet Holy Cross Hospital:            (520) 285-3000

Long Distance

Long distance calls must be charged to a calling card or an automated-collect long distance service from your room. Calls cannot be billed to your hospital account. For access to the long distance carrier of your choice, dial “9,” call your carrier, then follow the dialing instructions furnished by the carrier. Or dial “0” for the hospital operator and request your long distance carrier of choice. Phone cards are available for purchase in the Carondelet St. Joseph’s Hospital and Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital Auxiliary Gift Shops.

Wireless Internet Service

Carondelet Health Network is pleased to offer free wireless internet access to our patients, guests and physicians. For your convenience, connectivity is available throughout the hospital, including patient rooms and visitor waiting areas.

Please note: Since this is a free service, Carondelet does not provide technical support. Carondelet-owned devices, including printers, are dedicated to our caregivers and are not available for your use. You will need a wireless card in your laptop to connect to the Internet.

Discharge Planning

With advances in technology and with the treatment of many illnesses being managed in an outpatient setting, your hospital stay may be shorter than you expect. While the average time spent in the hospital is around three days, your hospital stay will be determined by your physician and your recovery.

Often, after a short hospital stay to diagnose and begin treatment of your illness, your doctor may determine that you need ongoing care after leaving the hospital. This may be provided at home, in a skilled nursing facility, an outpatient clinic or in a rehabilitation center.

The Case Management Department, in partnership with your doctor, will assist you and your family in arranging post-hospital care if needed. Nurse case managers and social workers are assigned to every unit in the hospital who will provide you and your family with information regarding post-hospital care.

Your insurer may require a copayment for these services, or limit the amount paid to certain types of care providers based on your coverage. Your case manager will discuss this with you, your doctor and your insurer to assist in arranging a safe discharge plan.

Social Work services are also available, if you are uninsured, homeless, have substance abuse issues or feel unsafe at home due to abuse, neglect or exploitation.

The Case Management team will interview you when you are admitted to the unit, to insure that your transition out of the hospital is safe and that you will have the services that your doctor has ordered to continue your care. Your bedside nurse will educate you on your medications, make certain all your prescriptions are ordered and provide you with written instructions on what to do when you leave the hospital.

You and your family have an important role in your continued care, by making sure you have discussed any questions or concerns with your healthcare team before you are discharged. We encourage you to ask questions! For example:

  • How long will I be in the hospital?
  • What is my main medical problem and what is the treatment plan?
  • What can I do to help manage my medical condition?
  • What may be needed when I get discharged?
  • Will I need follow-up appointments with my doctor?
  • What will my insurance provide?
  • What medications will I have to take and what side effects can I expect?

Patient Billing

Carondelet Health Network recognizes the complexity of hospital billing processes and payment methods. We have Financial Counselors available to answer questions about hospital bills and what health insurance or other funding sources may be available to cover the costs. Carondelet’s Financial Counselors will answer any questions patients may have and explain billing, charity care, financial assistance and discount policies. If there are any questions about the hospital bill, please contact a Patient Financial Counselor Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

You can reach your Patient Financial Counselor at:

• Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital:
        (520) 872-1052 
        (520) 872-1053

• Carondelet St. Joseph’s Hospital:
        (520) 873-3855
        (520) 873-5920
        (520) 873-3952

• Carondelet Holy Cross Hospital:
        (520) 285-8033

Physician Fees

Your hospital bill does not include fees charged by your physician, as he/she is not employed by the hospital. Professional fees for emergency room physicians, hospitalists, anesthesiology, radiology, pathology, surgical assistance and other consulting physician specialists will be billed separately from your hospital bill. All physician billing questions should be directed to their offices.

Medical Records

We are happy to assist you in obtaining copies of your medical records. To obtain your records, you or a representative must complete and sign an “Authorization for Disclosure of Protected Health Information” form. Forms are available from your nurse, the concierge desk,  or the Health Information Department (HIM) listed below.

The completed and signed form can be submitted in person, faxed, or scanned and mailed to the HIM Department.  An email without the scanned document showing your signature and date is not sufficient. We are not able to act upon just an email request. 

You or your representative can fax or mail a letter requesting your records to the HIM Department instead of completing a release form. The letter must state the patient’s name and birth date, when care was received, what records are requested, the purpose for requesting the records, permission to release any information, including (if any) information about drug/alcohol/behavioral health/HIV, and where the records should be sent. If the requestor is not the patient, the letter must state the relationship to the patient, such as “patient’s parent.” Include a Power of Attorney if you are not the patient and/or the patient is not a minor. The letter must be signed and dated.

Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital   1601 W. St. Mary’s Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85745 
HIM Department  Phone:  (520) 872-1087
Fax:  (520) 872-4976
Carondelet St. Joseph’s Hospital    350 N. Wilmot Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85711
HIM Department   Phone:  (520) 873-3843
Fax:  (520) 873-6513 
Carondelet Holy Cross Hospital  1171 W. Target Range Rd.
Nogales, AZ 85621 
HIM Department  Phone:  (520) 285-8056
Fax:  (520) 397-5997 

If you would like to have medical records sent to your physician for follow-up care, indicate the physician’s name and contact information on the authorization form. If your physician needs copies right away, ask his or her office to call our HIM Department to request copies.

If you want copies for your personal use, please indicate on the form the name and address of the person to receive the copies. There may be a charge for photocopying a large of number of records. If this is the case, you will be contacted with an estimated cost for completing your request.

Quiet Hours

In order to promote an environment that is optimal for healing and rest, Carondelet hospitals have designated quite hours from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day. An overhead announcement signals the start of Quiet Hours, followed by an evening prayer.
Patients, visitors, associates are asked to contribute to the overall quiet by lowering voices and moving quietly through hallways. Visitors are also reminded that cell phone use is reserved for common areas only, and to be mindful about lowering your voice during this time.

Some patient care units also offer to patients’ quiet hours during the afternoon.

Care Team

Caring Colors of Carondelet
The color of Carondelet associates’ uniforms designates the care of service that each can provide.