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What is My Carondelet Health?


My Carondelet Health is your direct connection with healthcare professionals at Carondelet Health Network. Use our online tools to manage your health whenever and wherever you have Internet access.

Key features include:

  • View, download, and share your medical record with health care professionals
  • Securely message with your doctor and care team
  • Schedule, view, and manage appointments
  • Request prescription refills and renewals

Access and Enrollment

How can I enroll for My Carondelet Health?

You can enroll for My Carondelet Health at any Carondelet Health Network hospital location.

To complete the registration, an e-mail invitation with a secure, unique link will be sent to you. When you click the link, confirm your name, date of birth and Zip code. Next, choose a username and password. You will then be asked to choose a security question and answer in case you ever forget your password.

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Can I give permission for someone else to view my medical information, such as my spouse or my adult child?

Yes, any patient age 18 or older can give “proxy” access to another adult. Both the patient and the proxy will need to sign a Patient/Proxy Agreement form.

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Can I share my password with a family member so that they don’t need to sign up for proxy access?

No, this is not recommended. Each person should have his or her own My Carondelet Health account. That way, you will always have the choice in the future to stop sharing your information with another person.

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What should I do if I change my email address?

Please be sure to promptly let us know your new email address, to ensure that you do not miss any notifications. You can stop by any Carondelet hospital location and fill out a new registration form. Then, we will send another invitation to your new email address. To ensure the privacy of your medical information, we cannot accept a change of email address over the phone.

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What if I have questions or trouble accessing my information?

For assistance with logging into My Carondelet Health, please call the Support Line at (877) 621-8014, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Support Line can only help with technical questions and will not be able to help with medical questions. For specific questions about the medical information you see in My Carondelet Health, please call or send a message to your provider.

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How do I access my minor dependent’s information?

The patient portal will have a proxy access for legal guardians.

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If I am a noncustodial parent, can I access my minor dependent’s information?

Only Adults older than 18 will be given portal access at this time. For records on minors please continue to contact the Medical Records department for the facility where the records are kept.

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If I am the legal guardian of a dependent, can I access their Portal?

Yes, if you have documentation that you are a legal guardian, and there are no other extenuating circumstances, you can be enrolled in the patient’s Portal.

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If I am named durable power of attorney for a friend or family member, can I access their Portal?

No, durable power of attorney does not allow for access to the patient’s Portal. The durable power of attorney may expire based on the patient’s condition or wishes and becomes active at a certain point in time. The Portal shows the entire health record for the patient and may show information outside of the timeframe of the power of attorney. If you need to have a copy of the record, please contact the provider or the HIM department for the facility where the patient received care.

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Viewing Your Health Information

Where does my health information come from?

All of your information is pulled directly from your electronic health record. You will see information from your visits to all Carondelet Health Network locations (hospitals and imaging centers). It does not contain information from any visits to independent physicians’ offices outside of our organization, even if they are physicians who work with Carondelet Health Network. Also, information from Behavioral Health visits is not displayed, due to strict privacy laws regarding that information.

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When will my data be available?

Your health information will go to the patient portal within 36 hours of your discharge from the hospital or visit to your phyisician. Please note that some lab results and documents will not be available until they have been completed.

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Will sensitive laboratory results be posted in the Patient Portal?

All laboratory results are posted to the Patient Portal.

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Will behavioral health information be posted in the Patient Portal?

Patient medications, diagnoses, and chronic health problems will go to the Patient Portal. If you have a behavioral health diagnosis or problem, this will display in the Portal. Specific notes from group or individual therapy will not go to the portal.

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What should I do if I believe the data is incorrect?

If the data is from a doctor’s appointment, contact that physician’s office. If it is related to a hospital stay or procedure, contact Carondelet Health Network at 1-855-245-8385 .

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Who do I contact if I have questions about the information in my chart?

If you do not have a local physician, contact Carondelet Health Network at 1-855-245-8385 .

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Will documents, pictures or recordings be uploaded via the Patient Portal?

Some documents will be sent to the Patient Portal. These include summaries of your visits and physician documents. Pictures and recordings do not currently go to the Portal.

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Can I print from the Patient Portal or save it to my personal computer?

In order to print or save documents to your printer, go to the document you wish to print or save. To the right of the document you will have the options to View or Download. Once you have opened the document using the View option, you may print it from there. If you wish to download to your computer, you may do so and print it from there as well.

If you wish to download or print a copy of your chart, go to the Medical Record section, then choose Download a Copy of Record. This will show you a list of your visits. Select the action of View or Download for the visit you wish to download or print. Due to the large size of some records, it is not possible to download all visits as a single document.

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What is an ambulatory visit?

When you visit the physician’s office, that can also be called an ambulatory visit. These terms are interchangeable to some health care providers.


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If I print copies of my record from the Patient Portal, will there be a fee?

There is no fee charged for access to the Patient Portal or copies made from the Portal.

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Communicating with your provider

How can I send a document from my portal to a physician or other provider?

Click on the Send Messages to your Doctor button, then click Send Message.

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Security Concerns

What should I do if my account security has been compromised?

Contact Carondelet Health Network at 1-855-245-8385 , who will advise a security officer.

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How do I ensure someone else doesn’t sign up for the Patient Portal acting as me?

Response - The patient needs to secure their patient portal by selecting a security question or pin known only to themselves.

When you receive your email invitation to the Portal, you will be asked to sign up with your email address and password. You will be asked the challenge question that was discussed with you when you gave your email. Choose a password that is known only to you.

If you share an email account with another person, it is possible that the other person could use your invitation to gain access to your Portal. For this reason, Carondelet Health Network recommends not utilizing a shared email account for your Portal invitation.

If you share an email with someone and they have used your invitation, when you try to use the invitation, it will appear that you have already signed up. If you have concerns that someone has accessed you account without your permission, contact Carondelet Health Network at 1-855-245-8385 .

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What do I do if I can’t remember my password?

On the login page there is a link just below the password field that says “Forgot Password?” Click this link and the system will ask you for your email address and to type in a few characters that are displayed. Once you have done this, an email will be sent to you with a link that can be used to change your password.

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How will password lockouts, reassignments, or expirations be handled?

Contact Cerner Customer Support at 1-877-621-8014

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How do I change my password?

In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the Account Settings link. Then, click on the Change Settings with Cerner Health link to change your password. You will be asked to enter your current password and then your new password.

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How can I opt out of the Patient Portal or change who I have given access to?

In order to opt out of the Portal after enrolling, you must contact Cerner Customer Support at 1-877-621-8014.

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Can I update my health insurance information in the Patient Portal?

At this time it is not possible to use the Portal to update insurance information.

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Can I still access the Portal if I am no longer under this provider’s care?

Yes. The Portal contains your health information and is still available to you