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Natural Family Planning - Common Questions


What is natural family planning (NFP)?

NFP is a method by which couples learn to identify their times of fertility and infertility to achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally.

How is this done?

The Creighton Model Fertility Care™ System is based on observation of the cervical fluid discharge that women experience  during the menstrual cycle. Couples learn to chart this information and use it to plan their families. The CREIGHTON MODEL Fertility Care™ System is a standardized, scientifically researched and validated form of Natural Family Planning.

How effective is NFP?

Well-instructed couples who use the CREIGHTON MODEL Fertility Care™ System correctly can expect 99.1–99.9% effectiveness to avoid pregnancy and 100% safety. Couples can also expect a 76% effectiveness rate in achieving a pregnancy in the first month when using their days of fertility. This method is very helpful for couples with low fertility.

What if cycles are irregular?

Modern NFP does not depend on regular cycles for effectiveness (as the Rhythm Method did). Because the woman is looking for changes in her cervical fluid daily, the couple can readily identify patterns of fertility and infertility even with very irregular cycles (including breastfeeding and pre-menopause).

How can we learn NFP?

A one-hour group introductory session is held once-a-month. Individual introductory sessions may also be arranged. The couple may begin charting right away. After the introductory session, individual follow-up sessions are scheduled two weeks apart for the first two months. There are four additional follow-up sessions over the next ten months. Each session builds upon earlier learning and experience, and new information is presented such as special discharges, early ovulation and stress cycles. Because follow-ups are scheduled individually, they can be paced to best meet specific needs. An additional benefit of the CREIGHTON MODEL Fertility Care™ System is the development of a new science called NaproTechnology. In the process of charting her fertility, a woman can also create a valuable tool with which to monitor her gynecological health. Your Creighton Model FamilyCare™ Practitioner will be happy to provide further information about this exciting new field.

How much does this instruction cost?

The group introductory session is $30 per couple with a $25 fee for educational materials. Pre-registration and pre-payment are required for the introductory session to reserve space and to prevent classes from becoming too large. Included in the educational materials kit is a user’s manual, chart and stamps. The fee for each follow-up session is $50. For more information, call (520) 873-3867, Monday through Friday to speak with a FamilyCare™ practitioner.