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Childbirth Education

At Carondelet St. Joseph’s Hospital, we offer a wide variety of childbirth classes and seminars. Our classes are taught by experienced Registered Nurses who are certified Childbirth Educators. More ›


Diabetes Self-Management Skills Program

Carondelet Health Network offers free diabetes informational classes. We also offer a diabetes Self-Management Skills Program. More ›



In partnership with patients and their families, our mission is to provide comfort, support and care to meet the physical, spiritual and psychological needs of people living with a life-limiting illness; contribute to the health and well-being of family members and survivors; and to help the communities we serve better understand end-of-life issues. More ›

Natural Family Planning

The Carondelet FertilityCare™ Center encourages couples to share in the responsibility of planning their families together. Using the Creighton Ovulation Method, couples are able to support their decision to either achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally, without the use of pharmaceutical contraceptives. More ›

Rehabilitation Classes

We offer a wide variety of rehabilitation classes at most of our facilities. All classes are open to the public and are taught by qualified health professionals. More ›


Support Groups

Carondelet Health Network provides staff and meeting locations for many Support Groups. Please call the listed contact person before attending. More ›