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Patient Information

Your Hospital Stay

It is our wish that your hospital stay be as comfortable as possible. Knowing what to expect can provide comfort to both you and your family. Please review the information we provide here to prepare for your hospital stay. Read More ›

Communicating Your Healthcare Choices

Individuals usually make healthcare decisions after their physician recommends a course of treatment. These decisions become more difficult if patients are unable to tell their physicians and loved ones what kind of healthcare treatment they want. Read More ›

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Every patient at a Carondelet healthcare facility has certain rights. Along with your rights as a patient come responsibilities to ensure that you receive the highest quality health care that you deserve. Read More ›

Your Safety

Patients can ensure a safer experience in the hospital by being involved and informed about their treatment. Because patient safety is so important to us, we have several safety programs in place. Read More ›

Language and Communication Assistance

Communication Assistance is available to our patients. Language translators and interpreters as well as equipment for visually, hearing and speech impaired patients are available. Read More ›

Infection Prevention and Control Precautions

In order to provide our patients with the best environment for their care and treatment, infection control precautions must be observed by all. Read More ›

Spiritual Care

Quality patient care includes being attentive to your physical, spiritual and emotional needs. It is our sincere desire that your soul will be comforted and nourished through the services offered by our Spiritual Care Services. Read More ›

Patient Advocacy

The Patient Advocates at Holy Cross Hospital serve as a liaison and resource person between patients and their families and the various physicians, associates and departments within the hospital. Read More ›

Complaints & Grievances

It is our mission to provide exceptional healthcare to our patients. We also recognize that some unplanned issues may arise. If you have a concern about any aspect of your care, you may file a complaint and/or grievance. Read More ›