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Back School - Taking the mystery out of back pain!

Learn how to protect your back at Back School.

Would you like to know the answers to these questions?

  • What causes mechanical back pain?
  • What is really happening when a “back attack” occurs?
  • What are some self help measures that will keep the spine healthy?

We invite our patients to attend our free Back School presentations to learn the answers.

  • Learn about mechanical back pain and how your back works.
  • Learn the different conditions that can cause back pain and what those big words mean.
  • Learn what you can do to protect your back and help prevent re-injury.

For more information, please call (520) 873-6477.


Spine Camp

Consult with your Spine Center Patient Navigator.

Spine Camp is one of your first steps in ensuring a successful journey for your spine surgery. Led by Jaime Arrieta, CNI Spine Center Patient Navigator, Spine Camp is designed to provide you and your “coach” with comprehensive knowledge regarding what to expect during and after your surgery.

During this 90-minute session, your Spine Camp team will discuss:

  • What to bring to the hospital
  • How to take care of your spine
  • Readying your home for safe return
  • Nursing and therapy care
  • Spine Precautions
  • Equipment needs

Spine Camp is held every Wednesday at the St. Joseph’s Hospital Pavillion. Please call us at (520) 873-6477 to schedule.