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The Carondelet Neurological Institute partners with world-class neurologists and neurosurgeons from Western Neurosurgery, Ltd. to provide innovative neurological and neurosurgical emergency care around the clock, 365 days a year.


L. Rod Anderson, M.D. Vascular Neurology and General Neurology
Diana V. Benenati, M.D. Neuromuscular Disorders (incl. EMG/General Neurology)
Hemant S. Kudrimoti, M.D., Ph.D. Epilepsy and General Neurology
William B. Lujan, M.D. General Neurology and EMG
Adaeze A. Onuoha, M.D. Neuro-Intensivist
Cynthia S. Reed, M.D. Movement Disorder Specialist and General Neurologist
David R. Siegel, M.D. General Neurology and EMG


For more information or for your physician to make a referral, please call (520) 881-8400.

About Western Neurosurgery, Ltd.

Founded in 1980, Western Neurosurgery, Ltd. has been dedicated to the advancement of patient care in the Neurosciences. This physician group of neurologists and neurosurgeons has subspecialty training in a variety of areas including neuromuscular disorders, stroke, brain tumors, epilepsy, disorders of the spine and surgical treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Western Neurosurgery physicians are an affiliated partner of the Carondelet Neurological Institute on the campus of St. Joseph’s Hospital and utilize the latest in technology for the comprehensive treatment of neurological disorders.