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Stories of Healing

At Carondelet Health Network we seek to explore and document the many dimensions and manifestations of spirituality and health in our community. 

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Story contributions help us understand the impact of our Community Benefit programs on members of our community, including how these programs have led to an overall improvement in health and well-being for patients and their families.

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Amanda Lehrling with husband Adam, son Nathan and daughter Natalia

One Mother’s Story

Amanda Lehrling is a recent graduate of the University of Arizona, earning a Master’s degree with a concentration in school counseling. She recently worked with new parents and couples awaiting the birth of a child. With special insight and compassion about postpartum depression (PPD), Amanda referred many of the new mothers she counseled to the Healthy, Optimistic Perinatal Experience (HOPE) project at St. Joseph’s Hospital. She herself benefited from the program only last summer.
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