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Advancing The Legacy

Carondelet's Commitment to the Community

Carondelet’s Community Benefit Program is a concrete expression of God’s compassionate love for all persons and a continuation of the legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.

Advancing the Carondelet Legacy of Community Health

The history of the Sisters of St. Joseph in the Southwest began on May 26, 1870, when seven Sisters, after traveling 36 days from St. Louis, arrived in Tucson. They were greeted by 3,000 people with fireworks glowing, guns shooting and the bells of all the churches pealing out a joyous welcome.

The Sisters came to start a trade school for the Native Americans, and within a week they were out at San Xavier Mission teaching catechism to the Indians. In the decade of the 1870’s, the railroad came to Tucson, bringing an increase in accidents. The Bishop asked the Sisters to stop work on the Trade School and to respond to an unmet need in the community – the need for a hospital.

Responding to unmet needs and caring for the sick and poor have been important and essential elements of the Sisters’ history and tradition since the very beginning of their congregation in 1650 in France. Service to the underserved and those in the margins of society, embracing all persons without distinction, and serving the “dear neighbor” in a spirit of joy, generosity and humility – these values are at the heart of what the Sisters of St. Joseph were all about!

That spirit continues today throughout Carondelet Health Network, in our four hospitals, our outreach programs and especially through the spirit and ministry of our over 5,000 associates. As a Catholic faith-based health care organization, Carondelet Health Network is committed to sharing its resources, talents and skills with the community in ways that enhance the dignity and worth of the vulnerable, the underserved and all those we call the “dear neighbor.”

This is our pledge, our desire and our mission!